Harvest Monday 9/17/12

Things have slowed down here with the high temps that we have been having, 3 weeks of high 90's and 100's. Friday it was 106, Saturday 104, Sunday 102. All of the tomatoes are crispy, still getting peppers though, as well as onions, figs, basil, and a few other herbs. The citrus are heavy with golf ball size fruit and both the Hass and Fuerte have lots of little avos on them. But what this time of the year really means to us here at 22trees is Horn worm wrangling! We found these big boys and left them under the watchful eyes of a couple guards. They never had a chance.


This juvenile Great Horned owl has been hanging out around our house for the last couple of days. Young ones will actually fly around during the day. The boys and I have been dissecting owl pellets. Super cool stuff!