Should you have any free time...

                             This would be funny if it wasn't so true.  Great read, check it out.

Harvest Monday 3/26

RAIN!!! 2 inches on Saturday, better late than never.  That puts us at about 6.75 inches since 7/1/11. 

The project for spring break, TPW is tired of the chickens having the run of the place, so... 

Lots of peas, as well as turnips, beets, radishes, and herbs

Lots of lemons and oranges.

Avocados...Can you ever eat to many?

Maggie keeping watch over the spinach, lettuce and chard.  All of this harvest went into the little guys school.

Harvest Monday 3/19

Another day of full contact gardening at 22 trees.  The little guy felt that it's better to be safe than sorry, not pictured are his sword and shield.  The beets are here, TPW cooked some of these bad boys up and man were they good! Plus they make your pee red, boys love that kind of stuff, and they are willing to eat a few just to see the magic.  Got a little over an inch of rain on Saturday, see previous post.  Spring is almost here.  Now comes the hard part, when do I pull the winter greens?

Turnips the size of a small childs head.

First sign of the strawberry's, now if they can hold on.  I planted Sequoia and Templeton.  This would be a first if I can get them to completion.

Lots of little onions and garlic

Along with mature citrus and avocado trees the previous owners left us with litterally thousands of Iris and 50 rose bushes.  Not a big fan of the roses but I am trying to learn to like them.  They look good now but come late August and early September they need lots of water.  Someone once told me that roses look the best in your neighbor's yard.  Never quite got that until I had my own.

Planted an olive tree last fall, looks like we might get some fruit.  Looking forward to our own olives and olive oil. 
Peas, peas, and more peas

And of course citrus, down to Valencia, Navel, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Lemon, and Lime


It ain't much, but we'll take it!


Harvest Monday 3/12

Another week of leafy greens, as well as peas, avocados, citrus, turnips and radish.  I am now in a race against the heat, some of the lettuce has already started bolting, so I have been picking quite a bit.  5 bags going into work tomorrow to share, as well as oranges, grapefruit and some herbs.  No rain last week, but looks pretty good for the end this week.   

Snow peas and some sugar snap as well, I'm surprised that these made it inside.

Green gold!  Picked 20 avocados the other day, think that I finally have the rotation down.  The little farmers wake up every morning and request "Cado toast".  How can I say no?

Sunflower volunteer from last year

The garlic is coming along, should be good this year.


The Arugula is starting to bolt, but it has been tasty

First pomegranate flower of the season.  Put in 2 trees last year, hope to get some fruit from these guys this year.

Harvest Monday 3/5

A big harvest this week, as well as turnover for the compost.  TPW is the compost queen, and the ladies get all excited when she busts out her pitchfork.  Upper 80's today, some of the lettuce is starting to bolt.  Oh well, easy come, easy go.  Maybe some rain mid week, then again next week, I doubt it!  Still waiting for my new Fuju to put out some leaves, should be any day now. 

TPW is convinced that the compost is better after tax time.

Getting lots of oranges, the tangelos are now gone, only the navels,Valencia, and Mandarin remain. Grapefruit tree still has about 25 pieces of fruit on it, limes are a few weeks away, and the lisbon lemon is full.

 Should be a good year for the loquat.  The tree is heavy, now I just have to protect the crop.

It really is a peach branch.  I have about 30 peaches this year, we'll see how many make it.  My new Santa Barbara Peach tree has not flowered yet, I'm starting to get worried.

 Lots of avocados.

My first turnip, couldn't wait any longer.
Getting snow and sugar snap peas.