Harvest Monday 3/5

A big harvest this week, as well as turnover for the compost.  TPW is the compost queen, and the ladies get all excited when she busts out her pitchfork.  Upper 80's today, some of the lettuce is starting to bolt.  Oh well, easy come, easy go.  Maybe some rain mid week, then again next week, I doubt it!  Still waiting for my new Fuju to put out some leaves, should be any day now. 

TPW is convinced that the compost is better after tax time.

Getting lots of oranges, the tangelos are now gone, only the navels,Valencia, and Mandarin remain. Grapefruit tree still has about 25 pieces of fruit on it, limes are a few weeks away, and the lisbon lemon is full.

 Should be a good year for the loquat.  The tree is heavy, now I just have to protect the crop.

It really is a peach branch.  I have about 30 peaches this year, we'll see how many make it.  My new Santa Barbara Peach tree has not flowered yet, I'm starting to get worried.

 Lots of avocados.

My first turnip, couldn't wait any longer.
Getting snow and sugar snap peas.


  1. What a wonderful harvest! So much color!!!

  2. Compost is a harvest of it's own! Around here it's pretty hard to wait for it to finish. I always seem to need it long before it's ready. LOL.

  3. Great harvest, glad you are going to get a good loquat harvest, when will they be ready?

  4. What a nice harvest, I especially love all the citrus and avocados. Enjoy!

  5. You are just a big ahead of my schedule; my peas are just starting to come on in the greenhouse. I love digging in the compost pile ;-) and emptying the worm bin, then spreading everything around.

  6. I see you have chicken helpers with the compost like we do. Another great harvest week for you. The fruit is always gorgeous but the peas look yummy too.