Harvest Monday 2/27

 Still getting lots of lettuce, radishes, herbs, snow peas, and of course citrus.  Turnips and onions are coming soon.  Had a visitor in the garden the other night.  I was out collecting slugs when Maggie when ballistic towards the bottom of the orchard, I followed the barking with my head lamp and found the cause,  She had treed a raccoon, and he was a pretty big sucker too.  Looks like they are enjoying the oranges.  Not for long.

Still working on getting the avocado rotation right, put these in bags with apples for a couple of weeks to ripen them up.  Notice the nibbles, last years squirrels.  This year I'm ready for them though.

Mandarin picked this week, I guess I pulled a little too hard and ripped the top of the skin off on a few. 

 The wild flowers have finally started.  The only ones that we are getting are inside the garden fence, away from the chickens.  Three different shades of California poppies, all reseeded from last years crop.

Along with the wild flowers I have some natives, pictured above are the first flowers on a ceanothus that I planted last year.  Below are the first flowers of the citrus, with little fruit visible.


  1. Ahhh, the citrus flowers are sensational. One of our trees is in full bloom, but the other is refusing any at all, not even leafing out. Go figure. LOL.

  2. How does one select avocado? I recently bought 3 from the store one was good the other 2 the skin just detached from the flesh that stuck to the seed.

    1. I'm sure that there is some sort of science to it, but if you hear the seed shaking inside don't buy it, not too soft either. Also, the type of avocado might have something to do with it. YOu want a Hass to have brown skin, that is the kind most often in the store.

  3. i love citrus blossoms; so delish to smell. And I adore those avocados!

  4. The flowers are eye candy for those of us still in the last days of winter (spitting snow outside as I type this). Beautiful harvests this week.

  5. What a delightful place you have. I look forward to seeing more. Lovely harvest!