Harvest Monday 12/10/12

Things are starting to get down right cold around here.  I know to some of you that sounds funny, 48 degrees and we think it's cold.  But seeing as how it was in the 90's just a few weeks ago, we're cold!  I finally cracked under the pressure of the little guy, and started picking Blood oranges, below is a picture of a Blood next to a Bearss lime.  Around here everyone gets excited for the citrus, but the littlest farmer loves him some blood orange

Rain from the begining of the week, 1 inch is a lot for the first week of December

Radishes are coming up.  Right after this picture was taken these little babies were gone.

Lots of Cilantro and lettuce.  I planted 6 different kinds of lettuce this year, they all seem to be doing well.

Harvest Monday 12/3/12

The rain has finally come.  We have been getting a steady drizzle for the past 4 days, nothing like our friends up in Northern California, but down here any rain is good rain.  All of the veggies that I planted in Oct & early Nov are now starting to be harvested.  Lots of leafy greens and herbs, beets are not far off.  The citrus continue to get bigger and oranger.
TPW makes the best compost around, the June bugs seems to love it, or at least that's what we think these guys are?  Feel free to correct us if we are wrong.  We spent the day having grub races, until the Giant, that's our Jersey Giant chicken, came in and ate them.  Game over! 

Cilantro, chard, and lettuce all set up for delivery.  The blood oranges are coming along nicely, the littlest farmer convinced me that we needed to try just one to see how they taste.  Man was it good!

Some strawberries that a friend of mine gave me have taken hold, and are starting to flower.

Mandarin's getting bigger.