Harvest Monday 8/27/12

Well things have cooled down a little, only 95. We had 2 solid weeks of 100+ weather, and the garden took a hit. It's always hard this time of the year, I really have to decide what will live and what will get crispy. Ever year I plant more and more drought tolerant plants and heat lovers. The tomaotes, peppers, squash, all love this heat, the cucs, corn, strawberries and herbs have a hard time.   Still getting tomatoes off at least 8 of the plants, and peppers from 5 of the plants.   However, we did have a few surprises, potatoes being the big one!! Can't believe they made it, I thought for sure they were goners. TPW made some pretty tasty potato salad, I have been able to dig up about 20 per week. The fig tree is in full effect, trying to beat the birds is hard, but I have managed to stay one step ahead of them.

Random squash that grew out of the compost that was spread around in the spring. 

And to think, I thought that we would lose this Lisbon Lemon tree.  When we first moved in it looked like it was going to fall over at any moment.  With a little pruning and some food this tree is kicking out large lemons ALL the time!!  TPW made us lemonade all last week.

Monday Harvest 8/13/12

So I returned last week after 2 weeks away, and things have been a little warm.  We have had 5 days in a row with 105+ temperatures, however the weather man says that it should cool off to around 102.  The garden has been a little crispy, but the heat lovers, tomatoes, cucs, peppers, figs, zucs, pumpkins, seem to be hanging on.  

 One of the hauls after being away.  Not bad!

 All of the ladies are finally laying again, however if this heat continues they might shut down.  Lemon cucs, interesting texture.
TPW makes the best fig jam, looking forward to a few jars this year.  I pruned the older fig tree, brown turkey, pretty hard this year so we did not get the early crop.  Need to be sure that I get the figs before the birds do!