Harvest Monday 12/26

Lots of citrus, the counter is starting to fill up.  Picking 4-5 avocado every week, they usually take 2 weeks to soften up.  High 70's on Christmas day, Southern California, can't beat the weather. 

The boys, eating spinach off the counter.  Good thing I have plenty of greens going on in the garden.  Radish, lettuce, chard, kale, beets, and the turnips should be a few more weeks.

My brothers neighbor has two great Hass trees.  Picked a few when we were over there to add to the collection.  Still trying to keep the squirrels away from mine. 

TPW made a frittata with some of the eggs, and spinach.  2 of the ladies are laying, one is just finishing up molting so we should be getting 3 eggs a day in the near future.

Harvest Monday 12/5

Last of the basil, as well as other greens.  Still harvesting at least a bowl of lettuce a day as well as spinach and a few radish, salads everynight.  Finally picket a bucket of oranges and squeezed some OJ for the family. 

 We had a pretty major wind event over the past few days, I have been picking up avocados all day.  A couple of casualties pictured to the left, should be ripe in 10 days.  Notice the brown markings on them?  The squirrels like them almost as much as we do. 
 The youngest member of the team holding two of the  grapefruits that we picked today.  For such a little tree it sure is putting out a lot of fruit.  To bad I'm the only one that likes them.

Looks like I'll make it another year without scurvy.  The fruits of the families labor,  literally.