Harvest Monday 12/26

Lots of citrus, the counter is starting to fill up.  Picking 4-5 avocado every week, they usually take 2 weeks to soften up.  High 70's on Christmas day, Southern California, can't beat the weather. 

The boys, eating spinach off the counter.  Good thing I have plenty of greens going on in the garden.  Radish, lettuce, chard, kale, beets, and the turnips should be a few more weeks.

My brothers neighbor has two great Hass trees.  Picked a few when we were over there to add to the collection.  Still trying to keep the squirrels away from mine. 

TPW made a frittata with some of the eggs, and spinach.  2 of the ladies are laying, one is just finishing up molting so we should be getting 3 eggs a day in the near future.


  1. That's quite the harvest you have there! I'd kill for a few fresh avocados this time of year! Congrats!!!

  2. That's a kitchen full of harvest bounty! Love the picture of the boys eating the spinach. :D

  3. That lovely harvest is making me more determined to find space for an avocado tree - lovely looking fruit.

  4. Awesome harvests! Its so cool to see kids take to good food instead of being after the sugar all the time. Can't wait until I have a house with solar atrium to grow some dwarf citrus and avocado in! Here they are $1 EACH on sale ;-0

  5. What a great harvest! I'm soooo jealous! :)