Harvest Monday 12/5

Last of the basil, as well as other greens.  Still harvesting at least a bowl of lettuce a day as well as spinach and a few radish, salads everynight.  Finally picket a bucket of oranges and squeezed some OJ for the family. 

 We had a pretty major wind event over the past few days, I have been picking up avocados all day.  A couple of casualties pictured to the left, should be ripe in 10 days.  Notice the brown markings on them?  The squirrels like them almost as much as we do. 
 The youngest member of the team holding two of the  grapefruits that we picked today.  For such a little tree it sure is putting out a lot of fruit.  To bad I'm the only one that likes them.

Looks like I'll make it another year without scurvy.  The fruits of the families labor,  literally.


  1. Oh to be able to have that nice fresh fruit. It is so expensive in the markets here and really isn't even that fresh.

  2. would love to have fresh avocado and citrus! Jealous! Try cutting the grapefruit in half, across the wedges, use a knife tip to loosen each chunk of flesh from the skin. Drizzle on some warmed honey and try that out on the rest of the family. I used to eat it that way when I was younger. Now I just peel and eat like an orange and enjoy the flavor....

  3. How do you preserve all those avocadoes? Hope you still have plenty on the tree. Delicious bucket of oranges. Do you freeze the extra juices for future use?

  4. We eat a lot of avocado toast and guac. What little extra juice we have we do freeze. However, the family thinks that it has a weird texture.

  5. I hope the fallen avocados were the majority of your damage from the winds. I know alot of people in your region had some pretty serious damage from felled trees etc.

    Totally jealous of the avocados and citrus - love both of them but not something we can grow in our region.