Harvest Monday 11/28

A sad day on the farm.  We lost out Barred Rock, Princess Laya.  Not really sure what happened, we left for a couple of days, they all had plenty of food and water,  The Princess was just laying in the middle of the the coop, no signs of trauma, no feathers scattered around.  TPW was pretty bummed as it was her second Barred Rock to die.  On a more happy note, I have expanded the garden some, see pictures below.  More room to plant.   Warm weather low 80's.  All of the citrus are looking good.  The Grapefruit should be ready in a week or two.

Boysenberry bush.  I have not had much luck with the berries. I planted 2 Raspberries as well asthe Boysen.  Maybe the spring will be better

Had to add some color to all of the leafy
greens.  Fresh OJ is only days away
Planted a new olive tree.  TPW has agreed to cure the olives when they arrive, probably not for a year or two.  Apricot tree losing it's leaves in the background.  See there is such thing as Fall in Southern California.  Well sort of.

Lots of leafy greens.  The little guy just can't get enough of the spinach.  I guess I should be happy, he could be drinking my beer.  Still getting tons of lettuce as well as radish, can't pick'em fast enough.

A couple of shots of the avocados.  Both trees are pretty heavy, not pictured is the Fuerte, like the Hass it's fully loaded.  Now if I can just keep the squirrels away.

Two new areas that I have opened up for planting.  I have planted the lower section with onions, lettuce, turnips, garlic and carrots.


  1. Of all the things I can't grow here it's the avocados I miss the most. I got sticker shock when I moved back to AZ from east TX. They were several fruit for a dollar, in TX and now in AZ they are over $1 a fruit ;-(

  2. I just love the layout and elevations of your garden. It is absolutely spectacular to me! It's like a park! Your trees are beautiful and produce so much fruit! I would suggest that if you can, plant 2 or 3 more raspberry bushes. You won't be sorry! They will spread by themselves, but why wait so long for those additional raspberries? I have gotten 4 1/4 pounds from four main cane groups. I'm even going to plant more at my house.

  3. Your avocado trees are laden with fruits, gorgeous. Are those avocado in the second photo touching the ground?

  4. Pretty close, I keep thinning them, which kills me.