Harvest Monday 11/7

Lots of leafy greens.  The Kale that I put in has gotten HUGE, below are three leaves that I cut along with a sample of the lettuce.  All of the seeds that I put in are looking good, and the citrus is starting the change color, well at least the Navel's are.  Had a pretty good storm blow through here this weekend.  About an inch of rain, some of you may be laughing at the fact that I am even mentioning that small amount of precipitation, but we usually only get 14-16 inches annually.  So it's a BIG deal! 
Lot of basil still going. 

Another look at some of the lettuce, I have been able to cut a pretty big bowl of lettuce every day for the past week, along with a variety of herbs. 


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  1. Great looking harvests! And yes an inch of rain is a big deal! my average is about the same as yours but most of the time when I get some it's like .1 at a time, not enough to even settle the dust.