Harvest Monday 10/31

First harvest of the greens.  Three different kinds of red lettuce as well as oak.  Four different types of basil.  TWF made some killer pesto.  Weather has been warm in the 90's for the past few days.  However, things should be cooling down soon,

Below is the problem, asked some of the local nurseries, and they said spider mite?  Not sure.  If you know please help!  To the left is my newest toy.  I have been spraying the trees with neem oil, we'll see.  The oil is supposed to get rid of the ants that are attacking the natural predators of the mites that produce the white fluff on the leaves of the citrus.

Maggie Dog

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  1. It looks like it may be spider mites - hard to tell with just photos. Hopefully the neem oil will do the trick for you. I keep a bottle of it on hand (along with a few other "must haves") because it solves quite a few problems and pests in the garden.