Quick update.

Just a couple of pics of the garden from the past few weeks.  Fall wants to start, but the summer heat just keeps on keepin on.

I didn't have the heart to tell this guy that things aren't going to end well. 
Ahhh, nature. Gotta love it.  
 Just got the third barrel, 150 gallons, now 250 gallons total between the 3 barrels.  Now if it would just rain! 

 Finally dug up the summer crops.  It was hard as there were still a few green tomatoes.  Planted spinach and lettuce 6 packs for some quick greens, and carrots, spinach, lettuce, radish, beat, garlic, chives, from seed.  It's still pretty warm, 95 degrees yesterday, had to water the carrot seeds twice.

Lot's of seeds, we'll see what comes up.  The radishes germinated in 2 days!  The carrots are going to take a while.  Never had much luck with the carrots, maybe I'll do better this year.  Stay tuned...

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