Harvest Monday 11/12/12

What do you do with your Pineapple guava?  We have a tree that gives us a few bags full every year, but no one here is a fan.  Any good ideas?  Have been getting lettuce, cilantro and a few limes.  Most of the citrus won't be ready until January at the earliest.  Avocados are getting bigger, still a few months off as well, all of the seeds that I put in, see previous posts, are up and getting taller by the day.  Still warm, but we did get a few drops of rain the other day!

Status report...

All is well here on the farm, believe it or not, it was 95 degrees here yesterday, November 6th and 95 degrees!  I would really like to be done with summer. Have had to keep an eye on the new trees, not only has it been hot, we have had strong winds the past few days.  I had to add some extra support to the avocado tree.  While I may not be so into the heat, all of the seedlings that I have put in are.  Cilantro, beets, spinach, lettuce, onions, garlic are all looking good.  We have started harvesting some of the lettuce and cilantro, and are still getting peppers and basil.   The new chickens have stated to roam a little, but the Giant keeps them in check.   


All of the citrus have started to change color.  The tangelo's, pictured above, are the coolest.  A small orange dot appears, and proceeds to get bigger and bigger until the orange is orange.