Come on rain!

Got another inch of rain today, so much for La Nina.  Hope I didn't just curse myself.  All of the seeds that I planted a couple of months ago are doing well.  Had my first radish, pretty good.  Beets should be along shortly as well as turnips. 

Put some purple kale with one lonely chard, they all seem to be getting along.  Harvested 2 of the plants, hence the open section up front.  TPW makes killer Kale chips. 
Spinach on the left with lettuce next to that, beets in the middle, radish on the right with more spinach,  2 artichoke.  I have to keep the boys out of the spinach because they like to pick it right off the plant and eat it.

 All of the citrus are turning.  Fresh OJ is not far off.  The Blood's as well as the Navel will probably be first, followed by the mandarin, then the grapefruit, then Valencia. 

Harvesting the last of the Basil, I think.  I have a few plants that were able to over winter last year.  We'll see what they can do.  TPW has been drying some of the herbs in her very Brady dehydrator.  It always seems like I have so much, however when she is done it looks like so little.


  1. Looks like you carving out yourself a little piece of heave in your environment. Oh to have fruit trees.

  2. Love your landscape design, so artistic yet natural. All that citrus,my mouth is watering.

  3. What a great problem to have - children eating spinach right out of the garden! :D

    Beautiful garden patch and that citrus looks heavenly.

  4. Your lucky your boys like to raid the spinach. I can barely get greens past my boys' mouth. That is one of the reasons I am starting to garden hoping to get my boys to eat better. So far it has helped some. Your gardens and harvest looks great!


  5. Your soil is so rich do you guys compost humanure and do the whole poop in the bucket, pee in another bucket and compost in the backyard? I have read all the experts and would love to hear from people doing this in an urban or semi-urban setting to see if it's viable.

  6. I just have the boys go outside and pee around the citrus. I've read that you should dilute the urine, but my trees seem to be able to handle it. TPW composts and I do ammend the soil quite a bit. So far so good