Harvest Monday 1/2

Happy New Year.  Hard to believe that it's January when it's 83 degrees!  Had a week of warm weather, missed the hot spot in the country by 3 degrees on the 31st.  A look down from the garden, I have been opening new plots as I find new things to plant.  New olive tree at the bottom of the yard is doing well.

 A look down the newest spinach row.  I have three other rows planted, this one is just coming up.  The boys love them some spinach, so I have planted more.  I put these seeds in the ground about 3 weeks ago, took them a while, but now they're finally popping their heads up.  Not sure if you can see it in this picture, but there are also some Shirley Poppies next to them.  Shirley you can't be serious .  I'm dead serious, and don't call me Shirley.  Sorry, couldn't resist.

Planted a bunch of snow peas a few weeks a go, I have been getting a few every day, to bad I eat them before they make it into the house.  I blame the boys.
Our older Blood Orange did not really fruit this year.  I have 20 oranges on the tree and have been very protective of them.  I ration them out to the youngest boy, who loves to smear the juice all over himself and claim that he is bleeding. 

Still getting at least a bowl or two of lettuce a day.  The picture below has 2 Artichoke plants, Chard, lettuce, Beets, Radish, and a small Sweet Bay tree, top middle,  that I planted last year.  TPW has been taking leaves off of it to cook with.  This is just one level, I have three levels in the garden, each with 4-5 different rows.  Still getting LOTS of oranges,  mostly navel and manderine but the Valencia are coming as well as grapefruit.  Have more avocados than I know what to do with, well almost.  I think that the boys are going to turn green from eating so many avos.

More radish on the way,  I can't seem to get enought of them.  I am able to harvest a few every day, however very few actually make it inside.


  1. While I thoroughly enjoy having a full four seasons, looking at your property makes me think I just might like to live somewhere that stays a little warmer in the winter! 83 degree days? Wow! Congrats on your harvest!

  2. The garden looks great and I am envious of your warm weather. Heck, we did not get that warm all summer last year! LOL! (it was an awful terrible, no good, kind of summer in 2011!).

  3. We too are having a warm spell, tho nowhere near 83! Your garden is looking terrific! You could always mash the avocados and freeze them for guacamole later. I would love to have a bay tree, tho I'd have to winter it indoors, but the last one I saw at a nursery was about $50 and it didn't look in that good a shape.

  4. That's a huge garden you have. How do you manage to keep it so natural looking and weed free, not a hair out of place.

  5. I'm so jealous!! :) (I've probably said that before. lol!!!) You have so much going on in your garden right now. I'm stuck looking at seed catalogs and dreaming. lol!!!


  6. We always make sure to plant things just for snacking while in the garden... ;-)