Harvest Monday 1/9/12

Art with fruit.  The little guy and I have been experimenting with orange peel art.  This is our first one, pretty cool.  We'll try peeing in different shapes and see what we can do.

 Which one is not like the other.? Lisbon lemon, Navel orange, and...

The boys were pretty happy with their haul: Improved Meyer and Lisbon Lemon, Mandarin, Navel and Tangelo Orange, Hass and Fuerte Avocado, Oroblanco Grapefruit.  Maggie gave them her seal of approval.  We have a lot of greens, as well as radishes and snap peas right now. 

 First peach blossom from the peach branch.  That's pretty much what it is, a branch.  It was in bad shape when we moved in, so I hacked it back last winter.  We got 15 pretty good pieces of fruit in the spring, we'll see about this year.  Looking good so far.

This is one of two Navel orange trees that we have.  This one is lower down the hill and is a little behind the other, maybe colder down in the bottoms. 

This is the only Valencia that we have.  The oranges should be ready in another few weeks.  Tangelo tree, probably my favortie citrus  that we have.


I also have a few natives as well as an Olive tree that I just put in.  The Salvias and Lavander are are starting their growth spurts.  TPW asked that I put in a Sweet bay tree.  The flowers are just about ready to pop.  This will be a good shade tree for the garden.

The oldest defending his Loquat tree.  He has set up camp and is ready to go to battle if need be.  Last year we didn't have a single flower, this year it's heavy with them.  We'll see if the fruit can hold on.


  1. That is some really beautiful citrus and avocadoes in this weeks' harvest! Yum!

  2. Nice citrus. I'm jealous. I am having a problem with one of my trees - think it might be greening. :-(

  3. What a beautiful garden you have, this was the first time for me on your site. I'm very jealous of your warm weather and citrus. My Utah garden is covered in snow and the only fresh veggies are in the cold frame. Thanks for giving me a little inspiration to make it through the winter.

  4. I hope your loquat tree set fruits for you. What a treat to be eating tree ripen loquat, I am sooooo jealous.

  5. I love the flowers on the Navel orange tree! And the orange peel art? How adorable! I have no idea how that was made, I thought it was store bought decor! xx