Harvest Monday 1/23

 The two newest members of the family.  On the left is a Santa Barbara Peach and on the right is a Fuju Persimmon.  As I have mentioned we have a peach branch, most of it has had to be removed due to disease.  Hopefully this one will do better, this is the type that they grow just north of us commercially.  The persimmon is one that TPW gets in her CSA box and thought why not plant one of our own?  Finally got some rain yesterday,  .5 inches and the weather man said expect 1-1.5 inches tomorrow.  That puts us at 4.44 inches since 7/1/11. 

Still harvesting at least a bowl of lettuce a day as well as a few radish. 

Some of the radish have pretty cool colors, here is a sample.  Good thing that I am the only one in the family that likes them, that way I don't have to share.
Looking up at the Tangelo on the left, Mandarine in the center and Navel on the right

Lots of citrus, these two bags are going into work.  All of the trees, except for the blood, are heavy with fruit right now, and few have flowers on them.

The ladies helped out with breakfast the other day, a little chard for flavor. 
The ladies of the manor.  The Giant, the black Jersey Giant, seems to get a long well with Maggie, they share a water bowl and food.


  1. Love the pic of your hens. I adore our little flock and all their diverse personalities. They add not only compost material, eggs for our table, and weed reductions - but entertainment to our homestead. The harvest looks good this week!

  2. Your garden is lovely. What disease felled your peach? I have been on a mission to get the only hardy peach for our area - Reliance - but it is always sold out everywhere I look! Nice chard too.

  3. Beautiful harvest! There are only two of us in our family that like radishes so we get to hog them all! Wow, 4 inches of rain for you must seem like a drought. I lived just north of you for a couple of years a long time ago. I remember getting rained on all the time!!

  4. How often do the hens produce eggs?

  5. Orange peel art was the brain child of my youngest son, were still try to peel the oranges in different shapes. Practice, practice, practice. Our hens lay about everyother day, somethimes everyday. Three is the perfect number, not too much not too little. Not sure what disease took the peach, maybe some sort of bug?

  6. What a great harvest! I love all your trees. Are those the Easter Egg Radishes? I've discovered I really like them too if I pull them at the right stage; if I leave them a few days too long they tend to get too hot.