Harvest Monday 2/13

 Looks like we might get some peaches this year after all.  With such a mild winter, really no winter at all, all of the trees flowered early, and have set fruit already.  This peach "tree" is really just one branch that I have been able to save.  I put in a new Santa Barbara peach tree this year, if anyone has info about this variety let me know, all I know is that they grow them commercially north of us and they seem to do well.  The Avocado trees have lots of flowers on them, hopefully we can keep the squirrels away from them.  Chance of rain tomorrow, we'll see.  Got .2 inches last Sunday.

All that's left of the Sunday OJ Squeeeze. 

Still getting a lot of greens, I brought in a bowl this morning, set it on the counter and turned around for just a second and the little guy was all over it.  Radishes and turnips still going strong, lots of chard and kale.

Lettuce on the right, carrots and onions on the left, snow peas in the back, turnips in the front with a few strawberries on the side.  I have never been able to go the strawberries, maybe this year will different?


  1. Our peach trees just flowered this past week - I can't believe you are already setting fruit this early. That is nuts.

    We have had excellent luck with strawberries, and last year, it seemed like we were getting a pint a day for a couple months. Try many different varieties, and in very rich, draining soil, and see what works best. We are growing seascape, chandler, quinolt, and sequoia. Last year we also grew Mara de Bois, which did amazing. I should have saved runners, but they were everywhere and my OCD took over. Good luck.


  2. How do you preserve the extra citrus juices you produce? It will be weeks from now before anything green appears in our garden.

  3. I hope you get the strawberries this year. THeya re truly amzing when you can get them going.

  4. Cute picture of your little guy! :) Good luck on your peaches.


  5. wow fruit set already! My plums are trying to bloom, just in time for predicted 'rain & snow showers'..... will have to wait and see what happens, tho I do have some frost blanket ready this year...

  6. We had a lousy strawberry year last year (historically cold summer season for us in 2011) but I am hoping we return to a more normal growing season and enjoy lots of strawberries again in 2012. Hopefully your patch will reward you better in 2012 too.

    Love that your greens get gobbled up!

  7. I love that you have some many fruit trees. Some day I hope to be able to plant trees and harvest from them. Until then we focus on the veggies.