Harvest Monday 2/20

A good wife picks you up when you fall, TPW is a little more proactive than most, she wants to prevent me from falling in the first place.  Doing a little President's Day pruning, the whole family was helping out on this "little" project.  Even Maggie lent a paw.  Still have more citrus than we can use, dropping of at least a bag a week at work, no complaints yet.

 Garlics coming along, should be a few more months, once we get the basil going it's going to be pesto central!

Lettuce is still plentiful, I grew all of my lettuce from seed this year, except for 1 6-pack that I used just to get some instant gratification.  I have been giving it away by the bag full

Lots of snow peas,

 My apricot tree that I planted last year has quite a bit of fruit on it.  Thinning always kills me, but I know that it is a must to get the biggest fruit possible.


  1. Maggie is a beauty! (You guys look pretty good too!)

    Your lettuce patch is lush and has such a nice contrast of colors. Lettuce really can be such a beautiful plant - as well as being wonderful to eat.

  2. Know what you mean about thinning. I could not bring myself to thin my Asian pears few years back and ended with very small fruits. Learned my lesson.

  3. I envy your 22 trees and can't wait till I get more growing. I always think I've thinned the apples enough but at the end of the summer when it's too late I'll realize I should have done a lot more....maybe this year I'll remember...

  4. Your lettuce is beautiful. I can't wait to be in a place to plant trees!

  5. The garden looks great, I'm getting inspired! Nothing like wielding a chain saw around the yard to make one feel manly.