Harvest Monday 3/12

Another week of leafy greens, as well as peas, avocados, citrus, turnips and radish.  I am now in a race against the heat, some of the lettuce has already started bolting, so I have been picking quite a bit.  5 bags going into work tomorrow to share, as well as oranges, grapefruit and some herbs.  No rain last week, but looks pretty good for the end this week.   

Snow peas and some sugar snap as well, I'm surprised that these made it inside.

Green gold!  Picked 20 avocados the other day, think that I finally have the rotation down.  The little farmers wake up every morning and request "Cado toast".  How can I say no?

Sunflower volunteer from last year

The garlic is coming along, should be good this year.


The Arugula is starting to bolt, but it has been tasty

First pomegranate flower of the season.  Put in 2 trees last year, hope to get some fruit from these guys this year.


  1. What a lush garden you have and quite a harvest. The pomegranate flower has such a pretty color that stands out amongst the greens.

  2. What a beautiful harvest. I lived in you area for a couple of years a long time ago and I miss the early springs. I laughed when you wrote that you were worried about heat! I'm still worried about freezing!!

  3. my fall seeded lettuce outdoors has turned bitter, tho not quite ready to bolt yet. winter seeded lettuce in the greenhouse is doing all right so far, but if the warm temps keep up will be bolting soon. So very glad that a new patch, winter sown outdoors is now large enough to pick and just planted another patch. Will continue to plant patches of lettuce here and there, chasing the shade around the yard as temps warm up, to extend the harvest as long as possible.

    I always look forward to your posts, you always have such great harvests!

  4. I tried to convince my husband to let me plant pomegranate, but he nixed that idea. It is a lovely bloom.

  5. @ the turnips; I have been dicing and simmering in chicken stock, then slice up the leaves and add after the roots are soft. I did a variation of the chicken and greens with the carrots, turnips and celery, simmering in stock, adding cooked shredded chicken with the greens at the end.

    I've also eaten young turnips raw either sliced or shredded in salad like radish. My daughter likes them roasted with potatoes so she can make pot=nip mash. ;-)

  6. My pomegranates have been blooming for at least a month - but I'm DYING to get some avacados... funny how it's flipped for us. I hope you get your Poms! It's the end of our lettuces and such soon, too. The sun is long now and the heat doesn't seem to let up.

  7. That is a lot of leafy greens! Your harvest looks so beautiful.