Harvest Monday 3/26

RAIN!!! 2 inches on Saturday, better late than never.  That puts us at about 6.75 inches since 7/1/11. 

The project for spring break, TPW is tired of the chickens having the run of the place, so... 

Lots of peas, as well as turnips, beets, radishes, and herbs

Lots of lemons and oranges.

Avocados...Can you ever eat to many?

Maggie keeping watch over the spinach, lettuce and chard.  All of this harvest went into the little guys school.


  1. what an awesome harvest; looks like your chicken pen is nicer looking than mine; I'm always making things out of whatever is handy rather than what looks nice.... Do you know how much your avocados are worth over here? $1 each and that's on sale. Now you see why I'm jealous?

  2. Oh if only I could grow avocados. I so love them, but not up here in the north.

  3. Our college used to have an avacado tree, and it was HUGE. On the fire escape on the 4th story you could sometimes grab some. Our Avacados are $1 out here too...or more! Wanna share? (Just kidden).

  4. Must be fun to have avocados from your own tree. Garden is looking good.