Harvest Monday 2/11/13

So we had been getting eggs pretty sporadically and had chalked it up to cold weather, and new chickens. However, TPW was cleaning out the coop and found their cache. Looks like they are laying after all. So... went out to the garden cut some chard, and had omelets for breakfast.   Lots of fresh squeezed OJ as well.  We have two large Navel orange trees that have worked out a system, one tree's fruit ripens about a month before the other.  Perfect!  Valencia should be ready in a month as well.

                                                   Lots of chard coming in these days, here is just a sample of the rainbow of colors they offer.

A small sample of the harvest for thw week.  Finally getting beets.  Looking forward to them for dinner this week.  Also radishes, lettuce, spinach and of course citrus and avocados.  Life is good!


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  2. Beautiful harvests. I would kill for a few avocados.

  3. do your chickens' cloacas ever get tired?