Harvest Monday 3/18/13

A sad day today at 22trees.  We lost one of our first chickens, Colonel Sanders, we had had her for 3.5 years.  She had stopped laying eggs about 6 months ago, and in the last few days had become pretty bad.  Yesterday she just sat in one spot for the entire day, and when I put her back in the coop I was afraid that I might have to put her out of her misery in the morning, however it was not needed.  We found her on the floor of the coop this morning.   Its funny how attached we become to our pets, and how much they become a part of our life.  We will all miss her.

Lots of lettuce and spinach.  We have been giving it away by the bag full

Of course oranges...

...and avocadoes

Lots of beets, this is just a sample, and probably the easiest thing to grow, potatoes.  The littliest farmer and I dug up about
20 pounds this morning.  TPW made a killer beet salad with lettuce and potatoes from the garden.  Wish we could grow a salmon tree!


  1. At this moment, your lettuce looks divine! Our seedlings keep getting eaten by every animal possible!

  2. I'm so sorry about Colonel Sanders. She lived a good life.

  3. Sometimes I hate that death is a part of life... I'm sure that Colonel Sanders lived a great life though :)

    Wonderful harvest!

  4. So sad about your hen.
    Nice variety to your harvest.
    Have a good week!
    Lea's Menagerie

  5. Sorry about the loss of your hen. We were just talking the other day (my husband and I) how much we love our hens - they have such distinct and wonderful personalities and make our lives brighter by their presence in it.

    Great harvest this week. The lettuce looks particularly nice.