Harvest Monday 5/6/13

Things have been pretty hot and dry here lately, and when I say hot I mean 96 degrees and 6% humidity.  We have had some  big fires north of us for the past few days, but believe it or not rain is in the forecast.  It's late in the season for rain, but we're ready, rain barrels cleaned and primed.  Lots coming out of the garden, lettuce, spinach, herbs, chard, kale, avocado, and lots of citrus, grapefruit, lemon, lime, and oranges.
Getting a handful of strawberries a day, but they don't last long.  Finally harvesting the garlic that was planted on the fall.  Now to dry, I have been reading all different ways, but can't settle on any.  So... any suggestions would be great.  It's pretty warm and dry here so I think that they might be able to lay on the dirt.  Just don't want the slugs or any other vermon to get them before I do.



Elephant garlic on the right regular garlic on the left.  These babies are huge.  Onions are ready as well, sweet white onions.


  1. Quite impressive elephant garlic! I don't have a long or warm enough growing season for mine to ever get that large. I usually bundle my garlic together and hang from the stalks in a warm, dry location. From the sounds of it yours won't take long to cure with the warm weather you have.

  2. nice variety! I would love to be able to grow avocado. Your garlic looks nice, mine is just coming out of it's winter sleep. It'll be a few more months for mine!

  3. I'm so jealous of your avocados! Yum!!