Harvest Monday 6/18/12

Last of the apricots, man were they good!  I looked at them on Sunday morning and thought that they could have used a day or two, came back in the evening and they were good to go.  Beat the squirrel's, TPW has promised a crumble.  Getting about a handful of strawberries a day, however the boysenberries flowers are drying up and falling off, did the same thing last year.  HELP!!?  if anyone has any ideas please let me know.  It's like the whole crown of flowers/berries just dries up, end of story.  The rest of the plant looks good.

June in the valley means a couple of things, one is that the heat is coming, get ready, and two is that its Jacaranda season.  These trees are all over LA and they have a very cool purple flower, however they drop alot of debris.  Luckly ours is not over anything of consequence.

The avocados are still plentyful.  We pick 5-6 every week so that there are always avocado on the counter ready to go.  I almost have the rotation down perfect.

One of the summer projects is a garden path.  We have a lot of stones scattered around from various projects.  We'll see how far I get.

I planted 2 Pomegranate trees last year.  This is the one that's in the garden, I am going to keep it pretty small and let the other, which is outside the garden, get big.  Both have 5-6 pieces of fruit on them.
Peaches are close, the branch has held on.

Next years crop of avocado's.  Haven't lost many during the June drop,


  1. Wow what a great harvest. You are able to grow such a big variety of fruits in your area!

  2. Apricot upside-down Cake is a favorite around here! Original recipe stems from the Gourmet cookbook, but I can send if you don't have! - comidayolas.com

    1. We'd love it. Thanks, mostly we have just been picking them off the tree and eating them, but due to the fact that they all ripened at the same time we have a few extra.

  3. Are the boysenberries getting consistent water?
    It's good to have one project to focus on, I'm multitasking several and it seems they will never get done!

  4. I love seeing the different things people can grow. No avocados here. I did, however, grow up with a tree in our yard in FL. My chore was to take a garbage can and pick up the ones that had fallen. Because of this it still pains me to pay $2 or more for avocados.

  5. Your apricots look huge. and I still have avocado envy ;-) Your path is looking really good.