Harvest Monday 6/11/12

TPW taking it easy.  Things have really started to take off out here, lots to report this week, a few firsts as well.  Summer is just around the corner, and boy are we ready.  First fig of the season, and it looks like there will be a lot more on the way.  First cucumber, as well as lots of little sweet 1 million tomatoes.  All of the chickens are back to laying eggs, the Giant was brooding.  Lots of strawberries, and might even get some boysenberries.


 First fig of the season, Brown turkey.  The youngest fig tree, put it in last year, has lots of little fruits ready to grow into big fruits.  As long as I can keep the squirrels away!

Onions are kicking it into high gear, as is the garlic.  Planted both last fall.  Can't believe how easy they are to grow.  I see lots more in the future
Apricots.  This is the three years old tree.  The older one didn't have as many due to the fact that I pruned it pretty hard this winter.  Oh well.

Matilija poppy, in addition to tthe fruits and veggies I also grow quite a few natives.  This is one of them, the actual flower can be over 10 inches across!!

 My summer chill spot.  I can keep watch over the land from up here, don't get to sit much, but it's good to know it's there.

Santa Rosa Plum

So my potato project has been going for a few months now, see previous post, and it looks like the trash can is the winner so far.  I think that the trash can offers the most support, the mounding takes so much dirt.  The straw was a little better but not enough support for the plants.  Now for the final test, to see what's under the soil.  Stay tuned... 
The loquat tree is at it's breaking point.  These trees are all over LA, but sadly most people have no idea what they are.  As I posted about earlier, a lot of work for a small reward, but we at 22trees love them.


  1. I see plentiful harvests in your future.


  2. You always have such a great and varied harvest. I don't find onions and garlic easy; I guess my soil isn't up to snuff for them yet, maybe next year. Will be interesting to see how your potatoes in the can turn out.