Harvets Monday 5/28/12

Another perfect day in the valley.  Lots going in, less coming out.  Strawberries, loquat, basil, onions, lemons, avocados, and apricots all making their way into our bellies.  Put in more basil seeds, onions, beans both pole and bush, sunflowers.  Coming soon, figs!

Last year I planted a few sweet peas in the garden, now I have more volunteers than I can handle.
Corn and pole beans coming along.
First tomatoes, sweet one million.

Potatoes, I've heard a few different views on when to dig'em up.  One said when they flower, another said when the leaves turn yellow.  Thoughts?

Boysenberries. I also had raspberries which everyone said are a piece of cake.  Well... not so much. the Boysen are all that remain.  Baby avocados below, should be ready by next year.

This years crop is still going strong!!!


  1. wow it all looks so yummy! Potatoes; when to dig depends. Most are making tubers by the time they are blooming so you can gently dig around and rob a few new potatoes. To have them keep for storage, stop watering when they begin to turn yellow and wilt, then dig them up, let them dry out a bit in the shade and store without washing. I don't have a cool enough place to keep them long so I start digging as soon as they begin yellowing and just dig and eat my way through the bed.

  2. Hey there. I have a friend putting in a new raised bed garden in Woodland Hills, and she asked me where to buy plant starts. Can you recommend a local nursery that might have some nice plants? She is Thai, and would love to find some hot peppers and Asian vegetables. Thanks!

  3. I use a few different ones. Boething Treeland and Sperling Nursery are both in Calabasas, they have a pretty good selection, a little pricey but good quality. Also, believe it or not, the OSH and Home Depot on Fallbrook Ave have been known to have a few hidden treasures. Let me know how it goes.

  4. The avocado takes a year to ripen? I didn't know that. i would love to have an avocado tree:)