Harvest Monday 5/21/12

Another week of more going in than coming out.  I planted more cucumber, basil seed, watermellon, we'll see?, corn, and zucchini.  Harvested my first apricot of the season, as well as loquat, chives, chard, tomatillo, the last beets, a few carrots, strawberries, avocado, and..., can't remember what else.  Things are pretty hot here right now, 97 Saturday, and 99 Sunday.  Read an article that said that this summer should be hotter than normal, well last summer was cooler than normal so anythinig is possible.

 First tomatillos of the season, TPW cut em up and served them for dinner, thumbs up all around.

TPW says "The juice ain't worth the squeeze when it comes to loquats."  As you can see they are pretty much all seed, and there are usually 3-5 seeds per loquat.  The boys like to pick them right off the tree and eat them, then spit the seeds as far as possible, or squeeze them and shoot them at eachother.  Either way, it's all good.  As you can see from the picture below the boys and I feel differently about the loquat!! 



  1. I too am having a 'hungry gap', harvesting much less than I could really use and putting out a lot of effort, plants and seeds at the moment. Lovely apricots. I don't have a tree yet, but am hoping someone will have too many and give me a few ;-) otherwise they are too pricey to buy.

  2. Tomatillos! :-D My favorites. I can't believe you still had beets in the ground, too. But, then again I just pulled my cabbage so who am I to talk!? Those apriocots are picture perfect.

  3. Those peaches are just so lovely.

  4. I feel so behind the times because I've never had a tomatillo! I think I need to buy one and try it so I'll know whether to plant them or not.

    Your apricots are beautiful.