Harvest Monday 7/9/12

I always love coming back to the garden after I have been away, and seeing how much it has changed.  Was rewarded with a pretty large harvest.  Pictured below is a fraction of the overall haul.  Cucumbers are in and TPW makes the best pickles around.  Lots of tomatoes from four of the plants, however the others are heavy.  Strawberries are everywhere, they never make it into the house, even got a few plums off of the trees.  Peppers, both bell and hot, are starting to change color.  Avocados are plentiful, looks like my squirrel eradication programis working.  Didn't lose many  

Basil is looking good, I keep them mostly in pots because it get sooo hot here, I did try basil from seed this year and have a few small plants starting.

Repurposed one of Ed's old ladders.  No way that I'm going to trust my life with this old thing, but the beans are climbing all over it! A few of the corn stalks have some pretty good size ears of corn on them. 

All of the pumpkins that I planted from seed look good but they are only putting out male flowers, even with me pinching them off, however the volunteer pumpkins that I have around the garden all have fruit of various sizes.

How quickly Maggie goes from farm dog to house dog when the weather gets hot.   She is practicing to be a leisure model , getting pretty good at it.


  1. Oh, what a cute dog!

    That's a good re-use of an old ladder! Hopefully you're pumpkins will start doing the right thing :)

    1. oops...should have been "your". I hate it when I do that...

  2. That ladder is looking better and better out there! That's a nice harvest to come home to!

  3. Your dog makes me laugh! I have an old ladder but haven't put anything on it this year; other years it's been a mountain of morning glories. What a great looking harvest as usual! What are you doing about your squirrels?