Harvest Monday 4/22/13

And this years winner of the first tomato plant to kick out fruit goes to the Champion in the upside down pot.  Finished putting in tomato plants today, now have 15 plants in various spots around the garden.  Hope it's better this year, I think things just got to hot last year, however if yesterdays temp was any indication of things to come we are in trouble.  93 degrees yesterday.  Lots coming out of the garden: spinach, lettuce, last beets, snap peas, herbs, oranges, tangerines, avocado, chard, kale.  I think that's it?
 First figs on the new tree, we usually get 2 crops, the older tree has fruit on it as well.  Looks like the severe pruning I did last year is going to pay off.

Still giving away quite a bit of the leafy greens.


Now if I could teach the girls to lay avocado's.
From this...

to this...

to this.  The only thing better than fresh squeezed OJ, is popsicles made with fresh squeezed OJ!


  1. Everything looks great. Fresh squeezed OJ popsicles sound great.

  2. Good luck with all your tomato plants and hope your summer isn't too hot! Oh your fresh orange juice does look good and looks like your four legged friend would dearly like to eat one too!