Harvest Monday 4/8/13

Pound for pound potatoes are the best bang for your buck.  I gave these guys little if any attention over the past year, and they have consistently produced.  It's a bummer that TPW and I are the only ones that like them.  I just put more in, Yukon Gold and Reds.  I have been switching over to the summer stuff, but I am going to try to keep the cilantro, lettuce and spinach going as long as I can. Still getting lots of citrus, avocadoes, lettuce, spinach, herbs, and other assorted leafy greens.  Onions and strawberries should be ready in a few weeks. 
Gave away a cooler full of Chard, Kale, Cilantro, Spinach, Parsley and lettuce, feels good.

 This chard plant has stalks as wide as my hand, and just the other day the littlest farmer go lost in a patch of cilantro, had to send in his brother to get him out

 Lots of sugar snap peas, these guys are over six feet and growing.

Along with the veggies I have been planting cactus for the past few years.  My brother has a place down in Joshua Tree and I come home with boxes of assorted cactus every time we visit.  I have them all around the garden fence to keep the rabbits out.  A picture of some of the sweet peas that I have growing on the garden fence.
The latest addition to the coop.  I added a penthouse for the girls, made of recycled wood that I found around the yard.


I added the nesting boxes on the left of the original coop as well as the roosting area on top.  Kind of the Winchester house of chicken coops. 


  1. I thought for a second that you were going to harvest your cactus. I know some people eat them.

  2. prickly pear salsa is delicious! love the chicken abode - lucky ladies!