Harvest Monday 9/12/11

Maggie is getting pretty big, loves helping out in the garden.  The harvest this week was rather exciting.  Not only did I get a lot of tomatoes, peppers, lemons, figs, and limes, I found these 2 heads.  I was convinced that my head bush was not going to put any fruit out.  I guess I was wrong, 2 fruits.

TPW has had to start thinking out of the box.  The freezer is already full, now the drying racks have come out.  However, they were so good that I ate them right out of the dyhydrater.  TPW was not a happy farmer.

After last time this action figure came out fighting, even with just one leg.  It was a pretty close fight, I think the guy has a mouthful of worm in this picture.  Good to know that he's got my back.

Lots of figs on the new tree as well as on the old one.  This was one of the first figs off of the new tree.  They are pretty big; in fact this Storm Trooper looked a little intimidated by this one

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  1. Classic pic of the boys. Nice capture of the action figures too. Drink on!