Harvest Monday 9/19/11

Not much going on in the garden, things are moving slow.  The upside down hanging tomatoes are still going strong.  The dark ones in the picture are Black Tomatoes, still getting a few smaller Watermelon, Better Boy and Rose.  Lemon Cucumber are pretty much done, a few small ones.  Figs have slowed down, but man are they sweet.  Picked a few limes just to have.  The squash are done but the peppers are doing well.  Starting to think about the winter crops, but we still have a least a month of possible heat left.  Don't want to start to early, still thinking about the trees that I want to plant this fall.

These avocados were either found on the ground, due to the squirrels, notice the marks on the one on the right, or I picked them to thin the tree a little.  By November or December I should start getting some bigger ones

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  1. Ah, planning for the fall garden. Isn't it fun? The large pic at the top of your blog... is that your yard/garden? It's beautifully laid out! Teach those boys all about gardening. Make it fun! They'll be glad you did when they're older.