Harvest Monday 9/5/11

Things seem to be moving along slowly.  The tomatoes have started their second bloom, however they are a lot smaller.  The Green Zebra seem to have stopped, oh well.  The Bell Peppers sure are taking a long time, small fruit about the size of a plums, are hanging on the plants.  Figs look good, coming along, squash and zuc's doing well.  I picked about 20-25 Lisbon Lemons off the tree for TPW.  She made the most incredible lemon bars, citrus bars, even did a fig lemon bar, once again I forgot to take pictures.  TPW also got some of the sundried tomaotes out of the freezer from last year, still tasty.
The peppers seem to multiply over night, I only have 3 plants but they seem to produce more than we can handle.  Note to self: Only 2 plants next year.

The basket on the left was harvested on Wednesday, and the one on the right was harvested this morning, as you can see they are a little smaller than they were earlier this summer, but they are just as sweet.

 This is my project for the fall.  I have spent the summer cleaning this area up.  It was full of Vinca and Jupiter's Beard, but with a little blood, sweat and tears I have managed to clean it up.  Now what to plant?  TPW and I are having some discussion about the trees of choice.  I want an Olive or another avocado maybe a Reed avocado, but she wants something a little more decorative?  Stay tuned...  The tree on the right is an apricot that I planted last fall, the tree in the upper left is a Navel orange.
You are probably asking yourself what am I pointing at?  Well, this is a farmers worst nightmare!!.  There is a small depression, SQUIRRELS.  I have been stalking them for the past couple of months.  They have been especially active the past few weeks, I have resorted to waiting for them to emerge and then I take acrtion.  Every time that I catch one there seems to be 2 more that take their place. 

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