Harvest Monday 8/29/11

Things have been hot, as you can see.  For the past 4 days we have had temps in the the 100-107 range!  Trying to keep the trees watered, as well as the garden.  I think that the heat has been good for the peppers, lots of little guys on the plants. 

 Still lots of limes and lemons.  TPW made some awesome lemonade the other day, forgot to take pictures of the fruit.  We are still getting Lisbon lemons the size of grapefruits off the tree.  The lime tree has lots of small fruit on it as well. 
Found this guy on one of the tomato plants.  We left him to close to one of the boys action figures.  By the time we got back it had already chewed off his leg, and looked like he wanted the other one.

Both Fig trees are staring to produce fruit.  I have seen a squirrel around, this morning I found a half chewed Fig.  It's on!!  The first couple of figs off the new tree have been huge.  Tomatoes have started up again, getting 3-4 every day.  We're actually getting more, but the boys and I eat most of them before they make it into the kitchen.  Still lots of squash and zucchini.  Having a hard time watching the avocado's ripen, they seem to be taking forever.  Soon.

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  1. Yikes! That is a tad hot I would say. Ok, am I being totally naive about this hornworm thinking it really ate that leg!? lOL