Harvest Monday

I was away for a week, so TPW and the boys have been taking care of the garden.  Things seemed to have gone okay.  The tomatoes have exploded, all 6 plants, Better Boy, Early Girl, Rose, Watermellon. Green Zebra and Cherokee Purple, are producing.  The pumpkins are coming along, however some of the leaves on the raspberries and boysens are getting crispy.  Weather has been hot upper 90's, even had .06 of rain yesterday. 
Good thing that I am not a carrot farmer, this was the only one I got, but man was it sweet!

This was a basket that TPW gathered while I was away.  The beans have pretty much faded, but the herbs have taken off as have the cherry tomatoes.


  1. Beautiful harvest. Wish some of our winter tomatoes will ripe for us too.

  2. Pretty spaghetti squash. I wish I could grow that, but the borers just take it down before anything ripens so it isn't worth it.