Harvest Monday 8/22/11

The actual harvest was probably three to four times as big, however we have been eating it all so fast that I have not gotten to take pictures.  Tomatoe's have definately slowed down, only getting 2-3 a day, compared to 8-10 only three weeks ago.  Peppers are coming on, finally picked one, sweet!  Also had the first fig from the tree that I planted in the fall, see picture below.  The fig was about the size of my fist!  But once again, I ate it before I realized that I had not taken a pic.  Cucs, and squash are still producing.  TPW froze a bunch of the tomatoes so that we can have home grown in the middle of the winter.  Squirrels have really stated in on my avacado's, but I'm ready 

A few more lemons and limes, lots of squash on the vine.  Should be good to go by the end of the week

The before and the after of the cherry tomatoes.  Once the boys saw these little babies they didn't stand a chance.  They were gone in 1:37, no joke.
This is the fig tree that I planted in the fall.  It's a Brown Turkey.  Seems to like where it is.
Something has been eating my pumpkins.  I have a motion sensor camera that I have been playing with to try and catch the little vermen in action.  No luck as of yet, but I'll get him, one way or another.

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  1. Gah!! Squirrels! Get those little buggers! They do nothing but destroy :(

    The squash looks great, though, for what it is worth!