Harvest Monday 8/15/11, plus a little more

I guess that I need to start taking pictures thriughout the week as I harvest.  The harvest for the week was probably double this but the boys and I usually have it eaten before we get inside.  Oh well.  Lot's of green zebra and Watermelon, the Early Girls have slowed down as have the Better Boy, Cherries are still kicking.  The squash and zuc's are still putting out fruit.  Going to get hot this week, shoud be triple digit by mid-week. 

The chickens are keeping cool by digging out little holes throughout the yard and laying down in them.  They will also dust themselves and eachother, good thing I don't care about the roses!
The people that lived here before us seemed to have just plopped down trees where ever they wanted and did not seem to think about the big picture.  Here is a Crape Myrtle between one of the avocado trees and the blood orange tree, I might make it a Crape Myrtle bush, or I might make it GONE!

Thought that  I had planted all green bell peppers, guess a yellow and a red slipped in with them.  Almost ready to pick.

 The pumpkins are still growing, no fruit yet?  Not sure when the little guys will start appearing, they boys are a little worried as am I.  The hanging tomatoes are doing well, just picked the first 4 tomatoes off of this one, and a few off  of the other.

 A little comparision of the avocado's, then and now.  The picture on the right was taken at the begining of the summer, the one on the left was taken this week.  Only a couple more months, then it's guac time.  We are all looking forward to it


  1. Wow, your garden is GIGANTIC!!! Are you around Los Angeles?

  2. Just north of downtown LA.