Harvest Monday 8/8/11

Monday's harvest was pretty good.  Still tons of tomatoes being put out by the plants.  The cherry tomato harvest would have been bigger if I had not eaten half of them, they're just so darn good. 

 I like this picture as it shows a good variety of fruit.
I think that my favorite right now are the Green Zebra's and the Rose.  Cherokee Purple are really
coming on.  Only one Lemon Cuc, but they're lots on the vine.  A couple of squash and of course lemon's and limes. 
When we moved in there was a Lisbon lemon tree that looked like it was on it's last branch, but with some TLC it has made a nice recovery.  TPW made some lemonade that was out of this world.  Some of the lemons made 3/4 of a cup of juice! 

A couple of Golden Zucchini Squash, great on the BBQ.

Picked these little guys, the peppers have been a little slow, but with the heat that we have been getting I imagine that they will speed up soon.
TPW is the compost master, we were able to turn this wheelburrow full in 2 months, everyone thought that it was very interesting, lots of good bugs and worms for the girls.
The Avocado's are looking good, only the 2 Fuerte seem have fruit on them this year, Hass only has a couple.  As they get bigger I am going to have to watch the squirrels, they love them almost as much as I do. 
Couldn't bring myself to pick the Bell Peppers, they will probably be on the table by the end of the week.  Interesting shape TPW says they look like doughnuts, hope they taste as sweet.


  1. Oh wow, how neat to have FRESH lemonade straight from lemons out of your own yard~

  2. Oh, now avacados would be nice. My trees froze back too hard last winer. *pout*

  3. ooh avocado! Wish I could grow avocados! I don't blame the squirrels!

  4. Those lemons look great. I wish I had some fresh lemon juice right about now.