Harvest Monday 4/2

Spring is here, things are growing and I should be happy.  However this is a hard time for me as I am not ready to pull the winter crop, but I want to get my tomatoes in.  Every year it seems to take me longer to get the winter greens out and the summer crop in, and every year I say that I am going to organize my planting so that I can enjoy lettuce into June and have tomatoes to go with it.  Maybe next year? Made it out to Tomatomania this weekend at Descanso Gardens, picked up some pretty cool heirloom varieties.  Still getting oranges, Mandarin, Navel and Valencia, as well as Grapefruit, lemons and avocados.  Made a trip over to my brother’s place, his neighbor has two avocado trees that put mine to shame.  Came home with about 40 avos. 

Took this load of lettuce to the youngest farmers school.  It was fun giving it out, people first kind of look at me like really, for free.  Then they ask where did you get it? They seem pretty shocked that I grew it, not sure why.

Went up to the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens native plant sale.  Got some great plants.  We removed a Chinese Elm and have opened up a pretty big area.  Toyon bush in the shadow. 

 Recycled stone for a planter around out Apricot tree.  I might add a few more layers, then back fill it.

Starting to pull out the lettuce that has gone to flower.  Still lots of spinach, cilantro, beets, radish and turnip.

Trying potatoes this year.  I have rows, as well as the wood frame that I will add to as the plant grows and I am going to try them in a trash can.  We'll see?  The boys have set up a watch post at the gate to the garden so that whenever I try to sneak out they can attack me and force me to feed them spinach and oranges.  I guess it could be worse?


Finally finished the coup, its more of a chicken run.

I know that in the last post I said that I do not like roses, but the first 2 or 3 blooms are awesome.


  1. Good luck with the potatoes. I'm getting rather anxious for mine. I'm only about 3 weeks from flower on mine. *EEEK* (first time for me, too)

  2. I so love avocados. I wish they grew in our cold climate. Some days I really wish I had a huge greenhouse and could grow all those warm weather things like citrus and mangoes and such.

  3. ah I still have avocado envy... Looks like you have been very busy around your place! And your roses are beautiful!

  4. I am always amazed at your landscape and how tidy it always look. Natural in an organized way.

  5. Nice lettuce haul you had to share! You know what the solution to your dilemma is don't you? You simply need a few more growing beds - that way you can leave some dedicated to the cool season crops and others for the summer crops - so you don't have to sacrifice one to get the other started on time. :D More garden beds is always the solution. ;)