Harvest Monday 4/23

Still pulling some citrus off of the trees, probably only a few more weeks.  Things have been heating up out here, literally.  Hit 99 on Saturday, 95 Friday and Sunday.  Good for the seeds germinating, bad for the animals.  Speaking of the animals, we have a chicken that is brooding, if you have any experience, please post!!  Other than that lots of harvesting going on, spinach, beets, turnips, lettuce, and peas.  Have been putting all kinds of seeds in the ground as well as a few new plants. 

Both volunteers that have recently opened up, I'm amazed that the chickens didn't get these little guys.

Four new colors of Iris, TPW counted ten different colors in all.  The picture below is a view of a few.

Put in Tomatillo's this year, we'll see?

 Got some great advice from a post last week.  I had run into a problem of not enough space, one reader said, clear more space.  See picture below, cleared a small section.  Now what to plant?

The littlest farmer brought home two corn plants from school and asked "Why don't we have corn?"  Good question.  I put in three different varities of sweet corn.  The picture on the right is the first corn seed to poke it's little head up.  The left is the inspiration.


Herb section of the garden, still have a small section to plant.

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  1. Oh looking good at your place! I have a copy of Harvey Ussery's chicken book and highly recommend it for a hundreds of reasons! He always uses broody hens to hatch eggs and is even breeding his own line of broodies. http://www.themodernhomestead.us/