Harvest Monday 4/30

Finally into the spring planting, even got some rain on Wednesday.  Have been working on expanding the garden, put more potatoes in as well as more corn, beans, pumpkin, and cucs.  Have been harvesting spinach, lettuce, peas, beans, strawberries, a few oranges, and lots of herbs. The weather has been pretty warm, all of the greens are bolting.  The little farmer's have making fairy houses, now if they could just make them a little bigger.

My two helpers.

The citrus may be gone but the Loquat tree, pictured below, is getting ready to explode.  TPW has plans for lots and lots of jam.  Can't wait for the peaches to ripen.  Now it's a race againts the squirrles to see who will get them first.

I think that everyone is pretty much done with the turnips.  Every time I bring them in their eyes bug out of their heads!

We have been getting 3-4 berries a day, usually they don't make it inside, don't know how these guys slipped by the boys?  Getting a few carrots a week, however TPW informed me they are to bitter?  Oh well, more for us.


  1. Another beautiful harvest, I've never had a loquat, what are they like?

    1. They're mostly seed, usually 3-5 large ones. The fruit kind of tastes like a peach. It's a lot of work for a small reward, still good though.

  2. Bitter carrots? That's too bad. Could always glaze them in some honey!

  3. Good luck with the peaches- the squirrels got every last one this year. :-( booo!!!!! I'm a fetchin' me a whipping stick (and a little .22!)

  4. An awesome harvest as usual! If everyone is tired of turnips & carrots you could steam them for the chickens! I"m planning extra squash and potatoes for mine. Would love to be able to skip the bagged feed entirely! Or let them go to seed for next year.

  5. What a pretty artichoke. I'm still waiting for my first strawberry. I hope it will come soon but with the weather so cold I think I'll have to wait for quite a while.