Harvest Monday

 I am having to pick the peaches early so that the animals do not get them first.  I have one old peach tree that is basically a branch, but it does have a few pieces of fruit on it.It's a race to see who will get more?  Stay tuned

 A snack platter from the yard.  All of the fixings came from the garden.  Basil, lemon cucumber, eggs, tomatoes.  Good stuff. 
The cherry tomatoes all came from one plant, Sweet 1 Million.  Next year I might plant a few more.  There would have been more in the picture, but we got hungry. 

The Green Zebra's are starting to go off, as are the Early Girls and the Better Boys.   The Heirloom's have lots of fruit on them but nothing red yet.  Peppers are looking good as well, just waiting for them to get bigger, squash and zucchini are spreading.

My first Lemon Cucumber, pretty tasty.  I have 4 plants that are on the ladder, see previous post, and all have lots of flowers.  Looking forward to eating more.  The boys loved them!


  1. Hmmm, I have been hearing a lot of these lemon cucs lately! They look neat.

  2. I need my cherry tomatoes to pick up and start producing more last year I got so many I couldn't eat them all. Not so much this year. I guess I have time. Maybe they will pick up.

  3. Boy those lemon cucs sound interesting. Maybe I'll give them a try next year. Nice snack platter, nothing better then munchies straight from the garden!

  4. Those deep red cherry tomatoes look really nice and yummy!