Summer time in the valley

Maggie having a tough day

Cool to see how everything has grown over the past few months, this is the first summer without the 2 HUGE Eucalyptus trees, each one was probably 50 -60 feet tall.  I think the garden is happy they're gone

Giving the upside down growers another chance, never had much luck.  So far so good.

Another hot day in the valley, Maggie and I took lots of breaks and made sure we were well hydrated.  Strung up second level for berries.  Both the Boysenberry and raspberry flowers have dried up?  Not sure what happened, going to have to do a little research.  Tomatoes are happy, lots of fruit, squash climbing all over, beans have slowed down, lots of future fruit on Valencia, Navel (2), Grapefruit, a little on the Tangelo and Murcott, not much on old Blood, new Blood & Cara Cara have good amount, new Brown Turkey looks good as does old BT. 

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