Mid Summer in the Valley.

The Cherokee's are starting, should have more by next week.  Rose tomato as well, and one pepper.  3 more limes from my new tree, planted last fall, a Bearss Lime.  My dad has a Bearss Lime tree, actually now just a branch, that is over 25 years old and kicks out some serious fruit, dare to dream.  Nothing like a fresh lime for the beer on a hot summer day!  Maggie is not so into being farm dog when it's 100 degrees outside. 

  Planted 2 types of pumpkins.  Top one is a Full Moon Hybrid, should give me white pumpkins 48x30, 60-90 lbs.  We'll see.  Bottom one in a Wyatt's Wonder, says that they can reach over 200 lbs!!  Hope I don't get squashed, garden humor.  Last year tried pumpkins but 2 60 foot trees fell on them.  Very small pumpkins.  Picture from one of the old entrances to the house, looking through to the orchard. One of the trees that I planted in the fall, Cara Cara orange.  A sweet orange with pink flesh.

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  1. yeeeeee------haw! Farmer Diddle! Limes... refreshing in all drinks, especially Pacifico.