What once was lost, now is found!

Funny thing happened on the way to the coop.  Lara came across a cache of eggs, 19 to be exact.  Looks like the chickens had not stopped laying eggs after all, they had just changed their location.  Found them in a small patch of ferns.  Classic.  We had convinced ourselves that the heat had shut them down, guess we were wrong.  Set them in a bucket of water, they sunk, which means that they are still good.  If they had floated then air had entered the egg and they are spoiled.  We'll see, big fratatta tonight.

Ry's Blood Orange, Moro, a few small oranges, planted this tree in the fall. The older one did not set as much fruit this year, bummer! 

 The Cucumber ladder, I have 4 lemon cucumbers, can't wait to try them.  It's taken them a while, I think that they needed that heat that we got over the 4th.  They have taken off.

Meet the new girls.  We just got a Jersey Giant, I want to name her Snookie and  a Barred Rock hen, Princess Laya.  The ladies have been very welcoming, pecking the the newbies whenever they get out of line.

The Boys "helping" pick tomatoes.  Their baskets were not very full, I think they eat 2 tomatoes for every 1 they put into the baskets.  Standing in front of the Watermelon Heirloom, should give us tomatoes that weigh 2 pounds!

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